Main benefits of using disposable hygienic face masks

Disposable hygiene masks have become one of the best-selling prevention products in recent years in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The efficacy and protection they offer has made this mask option a favourite among people of different ages, work environments and specific needs. 

Disposable hygienic face masks have a series of advantages over other models and designs that are used at more specific times. From IBP Uniuso we explain below what are the main advantages and uses of disposable hygienic masks. 

Different organisations and official bodies such as the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) have stated on more than one occasion that disposable hygienic masks are really safe and effective as a method of protection. For this reason, their use is highly recommended when what is sought is effective prevention at an affordable price. 

It should be remembered that for a long time the use of face masks has been mandatory in almost all places as a preventive measure against SARS-CoV or Covid-19. Nowadays, its use is still mandatory and recommended in different circumstances, so it continues to be an indispensable item to have at home. 

Although their price is considerably lower than that of other types of masks, disposable masks offer great protection and safety to those who use them.  It should be taken into account that they have a filtration level of more than 95%-98%, so their use is equivalent to any other professional method of protection. Thus, by using disposable hygienic masks correctly, we can avoid and reduce the risk of any virus or external pathogens. In case of illness, their use guarantees total protection to the uninfected person and the infected person, thus preventing the virus or infectious agent from being transmitted or spreading and more people from becoming infected.

Advantages of using this type of mask

The advantages of using hygienic disposable face masks are many. They include:


The protection and safety offered by disposable hygienic masks is optimal and very high. It should be borne in mind that this type of mask has always been used by medical professionals to protect themselves and their patients. Therefore, as long as we comply with hygiene and usage measures, the protection offered will be absolute.


The flexibility offered by the fabric with which they are made and the adaptability to the shape of each face makes them one of the most comfortable types of masks for almost any action or activity.

Economical savings

In addition to offering protection equal to that of other masks on the market, disposable hygienic masks can be purchased at a much more economical price.  

Space saving

It is important to note that disposable hygienic respirators are not reusable and therefore do not need to be stored, which saves space at the same time.

Correct fit

Most disposable hygienic face masks have an elastic band to adjust the product correctly to each person’s face. However, despite their snug fit, these types of masks tend to fit neither too tightly nor too loosely. Disposable hygienic face masks adjust perfectly to the shape of each face, thus achieving a correct position and protection. 

What is their lifespan?

It is important to remember that disposable masks cannot be used for an indefinite period of time, nor can they be reused after washing. Thus, according to the Ministry of Health, this type of mask must be used by healthy people and must be disposed of after the recommended time specified by each manufacturer. 

In general, disposable hygienic masks should not be used for more than six continuous hours. In addition, they should be replaced in case of deterioration or moisture inside.

Main uses

Although the use of disposable hygiene masks has become popular as a preventive measure against Covid-19, the use of this element is also highly recommended in the following cases:

Domestic environment

Sometimes work in the home requires the use of cleaning products and even abrasives. The fumes generated by bleach, ammonia or other chemical components can be harmful to our health over the years. For this reason, the use of a mask is highly recommended to protect us from these vapours that can be created in the home.

Health professionals and veterinarians

It is common to see health professionals and veterinarians protecting the respiratory tract with a disposable hygienic mask.  When dealing with sick patients, protection measures may be more extensive and additional.

Construction sector

Construction work requires advanced personal protective equipment to ensure maximum safety. Thus, disposable hygienic face masks are often part of this set of clothing and items that must be worn in the construction sector to ensure risk-free work.

Industry and production

In the same way, companies related to industry and production opt for the use of disposable hygienic masks in order to protect the organism and avoid the inhalation of gases or products that are harmful to health. 

Food sector

The food sector is another sector that has been using disposable hygiene masks for years as part of the preventive and protective clothing offered to employees and workers. They provide comfort, protection and prevent product contamination during handling.

Basic storage tips

As mentioned above, disposable hygienic face masks cannot be reused if the recommended time of use has been exceeded. However, if they have not exceeded their useful life and need to be stored for another occasion, it is important to bear in mind that they should be stored in a breathable or paper bag. It is very important not to store it unprotected or directly in your pocket as it can be contaminated and later become a vehicle for transmission. 

At IBP Uniuso we have a wide range of disposable products including disposable hygiene masks. On our website you can find an infinite number of professional sanitary products with which you can be protected against any possible external pathogen or, on the contrary, protect those around you if you are infected. 


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