Cómo elegir talla de guantes

How to choose your glove size The definitive guide for all sectors!

Did you know that gloves are sized? You’ve probably seen a glove that doesn’t seem to fit your hand, either too big or too small. This is usually due to the fact that the size chosen is not the right one, which means that it doesn’t fit well on either hand and, as a result, we can’t work well with them. 

Moreover, it should be taken into account that disposable gloves are one of the main protection and work tools in many sectors such as healthcare, aesthetics or the food industry. They are essential when it comes to protecting the professional’s hands but also act as a barrier against possible external agents such as microbes or dirt. 

For this reason, at IBP Uniuso we have a wide variety of glove models, manufactured with different types of materials and with various sizes available so that they adapt perfectly to the hands and the comfort when working is greater. 

Glove sizes according to material

When choosing the right glove size, it is necessary to know the approximate measurements of the hand beforehand. To do this, it is necessary to measure the total length of the hand with the palm open and the fingers together. Once you have the measurements, choose the size that best suits them. 

Remember that gloves should fit your hand as snugly as possible in order to enjoy wearing them in total comfort and convenience. In addition, depending on the material they are made of, they can adjust more or less to the shape of the hand. At IBP Uniuso you can find:

Polyethylene Gloves

Their use is recommended for short periods of time. As they are powder-free, they are the perfect choice for sectors such as the food industry and beauty salons. They are usually transparent and offer a better grip thanks to their thick texture. At IBP Uniuso we offer high quality polyethylene gloves in TPE or with EVA. In addition, polyethylene gloves are resistant to solvents and other chemical agents.

Latex Gloves

They fit perfectly to the shape of the hand and are available powdered or powder-free. They are ambidextrous and are widely used in medicine and in the food industry. It should be noted that natural latex can cause allergic reactions in certain people who are highly sensitive to this material. 

Vinyl gloves

These are waterproof gloves for short use, with a reinforced rim and also for ambidextrous use. They are resistant to stretching and tearing.

Nitrile Gloves

Se caracterizan por su alta resistencia y la buena calidad que ofrecen como barrera de protección. Los guantes de nitrilo suelen ajustarse muy bien a la mano, están disponibles sin polvo y son ambidiestros. Al no tener componentes naturales, los guantes de nitrilo son más seguros para las personas que muestran reacciones alérgicas ante diferentes materiales. 

How can glove size help work performance?

To calculate the right glove size, it is necessary to follow a few simple steps to get the right size:

  • Open your hand to measure the contour of your hand
  • With a tape measure, encircle the hand at its widest part.
  • With the circumference measurement, choose the size that best suits the length and width of your hand.
  • Remember not to include your thumb when measuring the circumference.
  • Take into account the characteristics of each size for men and women as both the size and shape of the hand may vary.

In addition, the choice between one or the other glove model should also be based on the type of risks to be taken into account in the professional performance in order to guarantee maximum protection, safety and comfort. Disposable gloves are an indispensable working element in many essential parts of different processes. Choosing the right size is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects to be taken into account in order to gain comfort, ergonomics and protection.


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