Aesthetic disposable material: 10 essentials

In any business dedicated to the aesthetics sector, it is necessary to have a series of disposable materials and products to guarantee maximum safety and hygiene, both for professionals in the sector and for clients. 

Although it may seem insignificant, having the essential disposable materials can make the difference in terms of quality of service. Aesthetic disposable materials are essential to ensure that your business services are up to the standards demanded by your customers. 

Disposable products for professionals

Safety and hygiene must be guaranteed for professionals in the field of aesthetics. In a sector where you work continuously in direct contact with the client and with chemical-based products, it is essential to have adequate protection measures. For this, it is indispensable to have the right disposable workwear to protect the professional and, at the same time, avoid any possible transmission to clients. 

Although there is a wide variety, the essential disposable materials for esthetics professionals are:


At IBP Uniuso we have different models of gloves to find the desired comfort and protection at all times. Therefore, gloves for the aesthetic sector can be made of latex, vinyl, polyethylene or other types of material depending on the preferences and needs of each professional. In any case, it is always advisable to choose quality products that are soft to the touch and flexible so that they do not affect the quality of the treatment. 


The use of masks in the beauty sector is essential. Regardless of the treatment to be performed, the distance between professional and client is usually very small. For this reason, masks are one of the essential elements that beauty professionals must use to guarantee maximum hygiene and protection for each person.


On many occasions, the beauty sector uses products or elements that contain chemical substances, pigments or abrasive products. For this reason, the apron becomes another indispensable protection and safety measures. 


Shoe covers may be necessary in certain treatments where extreme disinfection of the area is required. The use of this disposable material increases the hygienisation of the beauty salon or place where the treatment is carried out. 

Disposable products for clients

Just like beauty professionals, clients also need to make use of certain disposable items for greater protection, safety and hygiene. However, in your case, the use of one product or another will depend on the treatment to be performed. 

Fitting sheets

Fitted sheets are an essential measure of protection in body treatments where the client must lie on a beauty couch. In addition, they should be disposable so that they can be changed with each new client. 


Disposable caps can be used in hairdressing treatments or in aesthetic treatments such as facial cleansing, eyebrow waxing or facial peelings. For any treatment to be performed on the face or in an area close to the hair, it is preferable to provide the client with a disposable cap to protect the hair from staining or damage.

Paper rolls

Like fitted sheets, the paper roll is a safety and hygiene measure that acts as a protective barrier. Although it can be a substitute for sheets, at IBP Uniuso we recommend that you always have both formats available so that you can make use of each one when necessary. 


Sometimes, both body and facial treatments require the use of towels to guarantee the client’s privacy, to protect them from the cold or to dry certain areas. Regardless of what they are used for, towels must be disposable to guarantee maximum hygiene and cleanliness for each person. At IBP Uniuso you can choose between our Air-Laid Towel and Spunlace Towel, both of which guarantee maximum absorption and care.


Disposable underwear is essential at certain times such as depilatory treatments. In order to maintain the privacy and protection of clients without putting their own underwear at risk, disposable thongs (men’s and women’s) are highly recommended. 

CapesIn both aesthetic and hairdressing treatments, the use of disposable capes is very common to protect the client’s clothes from any kind of stain or discomfort. At IBP Uniuso we have different models that adapt to the needs of each treatment, client and product to be used. They are also available in different sizes and materials.


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