Self-seal bags, options for your business

Self-seal bags: 4 options for your business

Self-seal bags, also known as zip bags, are a very useful type of bag for different services and multiple products. Usually made of plastic, these useful bags close tightly and even snap shut, making them perfect for storing any type of food and even liquids. 

However, this is not the only use that self-seal bags can have as, depending on their characteristics and size, they can be the best option for storing, organising, classifying products and even preserving. In fact, they are also widely used in the daily life of schools, laboratories and even in companies related to the food industry. 

Undoubtedly, self-seal bags have become one of the most demanded packaging nowadays due to their infinite advantages and features. 

Types of bags

Nowadays there are several types of self-seal bags on the market depending on their characteristics, type of closure or shape of the bag:

H3 Round perforated zip bags

These polyethylene bags have an airtight seal which makes them one of the most complete products in the industry. In addition, these self-closing bags have the added advantage of a circular hole in the top of the bag. This makes them one of the best options for displaying products such as hardware, food, haberdashery, ironmongery and even jewellery or mobile phone accessories. 

H3 Zipper bags with European hole punches

Very similar to the bags with zip and circular hole, but they are much more useful for hanging on small shelves or shelving. Usually made of polypropylene, these bags are the perfect choice for displaying eye-catching food products. 

H3 Zipper bags with pocket

Self-seal bags with a pocket are the best way to store products or items that require additional information or even instructions. In addition, the contents remain separate and distinct from the pocket where the additional information can be stored.  Therefore, the pocket zip bags are the perfect choice for places such as a laboratory or a school as they store items with additional information.

Uses of self-seal bags

Regardless of the type of self-seal bag chosen, the uses that each of them can have are endless: 

H3 Carrying liquids

Don’t worry about spills, zip lock bags are perfectly suited for storing liquids or creamy substances such as shampoo, creams, fabric softener… That’s why ziplock bags have become one of the must-haves for transporting liquids at the airport.

H3 Freezing liquids

With an airtight seal, self-seal bags can store liquids and even freeze them without any problems. This is a great way to save space in the freezer while storing any type of food correctly and safely. In addition, it does not get the environment wet or cause humidity as the products inside are completely insulated. 

H3 Protect accessories

Of course, self-seal bags are also a good option when you want to store in them some small accessories or items that cannot get wet or even contaminated with particles from outside.

H3 Transporting food

Thanks to the fact that self-seal bags have a multitude of properties that ensure that no moisture can get into the food, they are the perfect choice for transporting or storing any food. 

H3 Organising

Organising any space will be much easier with zip-lock bags for storing small items, stationery or documents. Choose the size that best suits your needs and start organising hermetically any accessory that needs to be stored. 

At IBP Uniuso we have a wide catalogue of airtight bags, also known as zip or self-closing bags. You can choose easily from our website and place your order in a simple, fast and efficient way. Each self-seal bag will offer you different benefits over a lifetime. 


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