Adhesive fastening bags

Adhesive fastening bags: What you need to know

The hook & loop fastener bags are one of the most practical and widely used storage options in everyday life. Whether for personal or professional use, IBP Uniuso adhesive fastening bags offer a multitude of features to store, transport and present products in the best conditions. 

Manufactured in different types of plastic and shapes to meet the needs of each user, the adhesive fastening bags offer great advantages for storing food, cosmetics, clothing and even beverages. 

Features of adhesive fastening Uniuso bags

Nowadays, there are a variety of convenient and secure hook and loop fasteners available. They are the perfect option to preserve products in the best conditions and to present them in an excellent way. 

At IBP Uniuso, we have a range of different resealable bags in various sizes and formats. With an adhesive flap of 4 centimetres, transparent and completely suitable for food use. 

H2 Types of bags you can find on our website

On the IBP Uniuso website you can find different options of adhesive fastening bags to meet the particular needs of each moment, product or use. 

Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene is another of the plastics that offers the greatest advantages and benefits in adhesive fastening bags. With greater lightness and density, IBP Uniuso’s BOPP polypropylene bags offer great advantages as they are easier to mould and handle. As a result, the adhesive fastening bags are increasingly being used in sectors such as hospitality and construction. They are 100% transparent, resistant and shiny, perfect for storing and presenting products in the best way. 

Polypropylene bags with adhesive flap with reinforcement and euro hole punching

In addition, at IBP Uniuso we have some special bags with special adhesive closure: with flap, reinforcement and euro hole punch. Made of bi-oriented polypropylene, with a 3 cm self-adhesive flap and 4 cm white reinforcement, they offer flexibility and resistance at the same level. 

They have an airtight closure and a European hole for easy storage and display of products in the shop. Undoubtedly one of the best options for displaying items such as food, accessories, cosmetics or hardware. 

Polyethylene bags 

IBP Uniuso LDPE polyethylene bags offer great resistance to store any type of product or article with different and particular characteristics. Moreover, thanks to their great resistance you will be able to store even heavy items or liquids without altercations, problems or deterioration. 

Therefore, all our LDPE polyethylene bags can be used professionally, with the highest quality, hygiene and resistance. This is why more and more sectors are choosing polyethylene bags to store almost any type of product, adapting perfectly to the needs of different professional fields. 

What applications can they be used for?

The hook-and-loop fastener bags have a wide range of characteristics and features that make their use recommended in different sectors:

Food or food sector

Thanks to the fact that the self-seal bags have many properties that guarantee the absence of humidity in the food, they are the perfect option for transporting or storing any kind of food. 

Clothing or textile sector

As they are available in different sizes and are completely transparent, they are the perfect option for wrapping clothes or textile products, protecting them and guaranteeing their perfect condition when delivering the products to the customer. 

Cosmetic products

Resealable bags are a great option to individually present different cosmetic products. The best option for storing cosmetic accessories are the different options of IBP Uniuso’s resealable bags. 


The quality and strength of IBP Uniuso’s resealable bags make it possible to store even liquid items or beverages. Although they do not function as watertight bags, they are able to guarantee effectiveness against any type of item. 

How are they sold?

IBP Uniuso hook and loop fastener bags offer great features and performance. In addition, all the details of each of the options can be seen on the website. They are sold in different packs of several units for easier and more efficient bulk purchasing. As for the price, the sales price is marked on the website in euros and without VAT. In peninsular shipments an amount will be applied for shipping costs that will vary depending on the packages in question.


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