Material estética profesional

List of professional aesthetics materials and where to get them.

If you are thinking of improving the services of your aesthetic centre or starting in the professional aesthetic sector, you have to take into account which are the materials to be used in this professional field. From IBP Uniuso we have created a list of necessary products based on the different treatments that can be performed in a professional aesthetic centre. 

It is essential that the quality of the items to be used is outstanding and that the protective measures used are, in many cases, disposable and single-use to ensure the safety of the client and the professional. 

Products for facial aesthetics

The aesthetics sector is undoubtedly one of the sectors where most use is made of single-use aesthetics products to guarantee adequate protection and disinfection in each treatment. Within the wide variety of treatments that can be performed in a beauty centre, many of them are performed on the face: eyebrow waxing, upper lip waxing, peelings, facial cleansing, moisturising treatments, facial massages and much more. 

Therefore, for both the client and the professional, it is essential to always have the correct protective and hygienic measures in place by using various items designed specifically for this purpose. The use of disposable caps or headbands ensures that a person’s hair is not soiled or damaged while a facial treatment is being performed. The use of a disposable gown or cape may also be indicated for certain treatments. Similarly, it will be necessary for the practitioner to wear disposable gloves, mask and cap for greater comfort when working. It is compulsory to use new disposable make-up removal sponges with each client. 

Products for body aesthetics

In body aesthetics, although they are usually other products, it is also necessary to use disposable protective items or elements. In order to ensure maximum safety and hygiene, fitted sheets, stretcher paper, Spunlace towels or disposable mats are often used. 

For treatments such as laser hair removal, the use of gowns, slippers and single-use underwear is common. Shoe covers, hats, masks and polypropylene slippers may also be required for various aesthetic body treatments. If it is a pressotherapy treatment, it is essential to have specific pressotherapy trousers.

Where to buy professional beauty products?

When acquiring the different disposable products needed in a professional aesthetics business, it is essential that the quality is excellent and that they are made of top quality materials and components. 

At IBP Uniuso we have a wide variety of protection and hygiene articles with which to achieve maximum safety at an economical price and with very convenient purchasing methods. In our shop you will find all the products you will need for your professional beauty business and the different treatments you are going to carry out. IBP Uniuso is your trusted supplier of beauty products. 


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