Guide to buying pressotherapy trousers

What is pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is one of the most popular treatments in recent years thanks to the health and aesthetic benefits it offers. This lymphatic drainage technique is especially indicated for people with circulatory system disorders such as cellulite, tired legs, oedemas or spider veins. 

The lymphatic drainage obtained with pressotherapy is carried out using pressure exerted on the body through the application of air. To do this, it is necessary for the person to wear a pneumatic suit capable of distributing different air pressures to the different areas or parts of the body to be treated, adapting to the needs and morphology of each body. By means of the pressotherapy trousers, the lymphatic system is stimulated to subsequently drain the lymph and eliminate liquids and toxins accumulated in the body. 

In addition, the air pressure exerted by the pressotherapy equipment is capable of eliminating accumulations of localised fat in the area to be treated, so that it is also eliminated through the lymphatic system.

What are pressotherapy trousers for?

The pressotherapy equipment is the suit used to exert different air pressures to treat the lymphatic drainage of the legs and other areas such as the feet, buttocks and abdomen. The use of the pressotherapy equipment is simple, effective and does not cause any type of pain. In addition, to avoid contamination of the equipment, it is essential to use a pair of polypropylene trousers that act as hygienic protection. These trousers are commonly known as pressotherapy trousers.

Once the person has been placed inside the pressotherapy trousers and, subsequently, inside the pressotherapy equipment, light upward air pressure is applied to achieve a greater impulse of blood flow. By performing this technique in a controlled manner, the treated area is relaxed and compressed to promote the activation of the lymphatic system and the elimination of liquids. 

4 characteristics to take into account when buying them

There is a wide variety of pressotherapy trousers on the market, but are they all the same? The truth is that, although in appearance they may all be similar, there are different characteristics that make a pressotherapy trousers offer good and effective results. IBP Uniuso’s pressotherapy trousers have certain particularities that will make each person’s experience favourable, comfortable and effective. Therefore, these polypropylene trousers have fundamental characteristics to act as a protective barrier between the person and the air suit:


The IBP Uniuso pressure therapy trousers are made of polypropylene TNT to offer greater comfort and safety to the person.


The IBP Uniuso trousers offer extra comfort thanks to the elasticity provided by the material from which they are made. In this way the person can move comfortably inside the trousers, without feeling any kind of discomfort or discomfort. 


The trousers adapt perfectly to any body type and size thanks to the elastic waistband which makes it possible to adapt them to any person.


Another of the main functions of the pressotherapy trousers is to provide hygiene against the different accessories of the pneumatic suit used in this treatment. For this reason, it must be closed at the bottom and correctly cover the area to be treated.

Where to buy this type of trousers?

As we have already mentioned, pressotherapy is a very effective technique for activating the circulatory system as long as it is carried out professionally. For this reason, it is necessary to have quality elements, articles and accessories to guarantee an outstanding experience, safe and without any type of discomfort. Thus, when choosing the pressotherapy trousers, it is highly advisable to take into account the material they are made of and other requirements to be met. 

The IBP Uniuso pressotherapy trousers have an elastic waistband for a good adaptation to each size, with a closed leg at the bottom, are hypoallergenic and non-sterile. In addition, as it is made of polypropylene TNT, it offers extra safety and comfort in every pressotherapy treatment. As for shipment, the company offers closed delivery times and the possibility of 100-unit packaging for greater convenience. 


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