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Protection and CareTowels and Sheets

  • PE overshoes

    Elasticated ankle contour. Colors: Green, Blue, White...
  • CPE Overshoes

    Made of Chlorinated Polyethylene Elasticated ankle. Colors...
  • Non Woven Overshoes

    Elasticated ankle contour. Colors: White, Green, Blue...
  • Non-woven overshoes with non-slip sole

    Elasticated ankle contour Painted sole for antiskid effect...
  • Non-woven overshoes with non-slip CPE sole

    Elasticated ankle strap. CPE sole provides extra protection...
  • polyethylene try-on socks

    Transparent. One size fits all. Flexible. Hypoallergnic...
  • Non-woven slippers

    Open toe Slipper. Hypoallergenic.
  • Non-woven slippers - EVA sole

    Soft EVA Sole. Hypoallergenic.
  • PE overboots

    - Cómodo e impermeable. - Polietileno LDPE galga 280 (0,070...
  • CPE overboots with reinforced sole

    - Cómodo e impermeable. - Polietileno CPE bicolor con suela...

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