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Protection and CareTowels and Sheets

  • Non-woven MOB cap

    Transpirable. Head contour: 55 cm Elasticated head contour...
  • Non-woven Bouffant CAP

    Transpirable. Double elastic band in head contour...
  • Polyethylene shower cap

    Waterproof. Elasticated head contour. Natural Polyethylene...
  • Hoods

    Made of non woven polypropylene. With a 3 Ply Mask...
  • Non-woven headband

    Transpirable. With 2 elastics for a better fit...
  • Non-wovens Snood cap

    Manufactured from soft non-woven polypropylene Available in...
  • Non-woven beard cover

    Elasticated to fit. With earloops. Hypoallergenic. Non...
  • Forage cap

    Air permeable. Adjustable Hypoallergenic. Colour white.
  • “Continental” Chef ’s hat

    Breathable. Hypoallergenic. Adjustable. Color: white.
  • Regular Chef’s hat

    Breathable. Hypoallergenic. Adjustable. Color: white...

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