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Protection and CareTowels and Sheets

  • Non-woven SMS bed sheets - Fitted regular

    Made of non woven Polypropylene. Color: white and blue...
  • Non-woven SMS bed sheets - Fitted plus

    Fabricada en Tejido sin Tejer de Polipropileno SMS Color...
  • Non-woven bed sheets SPP

    Adjustable/Fitted contour. Fits standard stretchers/beds...
  • Non-woven SMS bed sheets

    Made of non wven polypropylene SMS Hypoallergenic. Non...
  • Non-woven SPP+PE fitted bed sheet

    Polyethylene coated. Elasticated contour to fit the couch/...
  • PE body wrap sheet

    Individually folded. Hypoallergenic. Non sterile.
  • Spunlace towels

    Does not tear. Hypoallergenic.
  • Airlaid towels

    Realizada en celulosa super absorbente AirLaid No se rompe...
  • Make-up removal sponges

    Made of cellulose. Packs of 3 sponges. Different colors.
  • Round rug

    Round mat. Hypoallergenic. Non sterile.

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