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BagsPE Bags

  • Bolsa Polietileno Cierre Cremallera

    Red Slider reclosable bag. 100% Transparent. Flexible.
  • Bolsa Polietileno con Autocierre

    Reclosable Zip lock. Hermetic closing. 100% Transparent...
  • Bolsa Polietileno con Autocierre y Taladro Europeo

    Zip lock bag. 100% Transparent. Eurohole to hang.
  • Bolsa Polietileno con Autocierre y Taladro Redondo

    Transparent 100%. Extremely flexible.
  • Bolsas Polietileno con Autocierre y Bandas para...

    Reclosable ziplock bags- With white block for easy marking...

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